Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Campaign

Whether you are for or against industrial wind turbines they will have a significant effect on all of us, therefore we believe that your voices should be heard and should be taken into account during the planning process.

NOW use this link to join IWAC. We thank you for your support. With a strong membership we can stop our region being damaged and continue to enjoy this beautiful area that so many of us came here for............

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Our aim is to raise awareness of how industrial turbines work, how efficient they actually are, the planning process and most importantly how they may affect you and your quality of life..

We have close working links with  many similar French Associations, but we have discovered that there is often a disconnect between the French and English populations. This is often caused by a lack of written and spoken French and/or a misunderstanding of French planning as it applies to industrial wind turbines. Our goal is to bridge this gap and enable the large and dynamic English speaking community to have a voice concerning this controversial subject.

Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Campaign



Our Association has been set up to inform the substantial and significant English speaking population in ALPC (Aquitaine/Limousin/Poitou Charentes) of the active plans for the rapid and extensive building of Industrial Wind Turbines.

This survey is open to all residents and visitors to the ALPC region.

The aim of this survey is to gauge public opinion within Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou Charentes.

(If you do not own a home in this area or are not a visitor to the region, please refrain from completing the survey.) Thank you.

If the proposed developments of hundreds of giant industrial wind turbines across this beautiful unspoilt countryside concern you, then it is not too late to do something about the situation.

This website is intended to firstly raise awareness to the number of planned developments, as there is so little information in the public domain. You may be aware of one project in your commune, or one down the road but perhaps you did not realise just how many hundreds of turbines are actually planned.

Then perhaps you may not be aware of the implications that wind turbines can have on the value of your property, how they might affect your business or indeed your health. This website explains all these aspects.

Once you have read through the site, and if you have concerns, what can you do?

Firstly, in order to gain a true appreciation of the opinions of the English speaking community, please complete our online survey, (link below). It's FREE and will take you 2 minutes.

This information could be very powerful in the political arena, and help us to stop these developments on your behalf.

Then we need you to support IWAC by becoming a member.

IWAC together with the French Associations and communities, exists in order to inform and create awareness.

We have found that through commune based petitions that in general 90% or greater of English speaking residents are significantly worried by these developments.

Together we have an incredibly strong voice, as the English speaking community is a very valuable economic asset to the region.

To put forward our point of view, can not be achieved by a handful of motivated individuals. We must stand together, united and have our voice heard. In order to do this, we need a strong membership. (link below)

So we need YOU!

When you consider that if these developments go ahead, then we all stand to lose a significant proportion of the investment that we have made in our homes, and potentially we may be unable to sell them, a minor membership fee to show your solidarity against these plans has to be a sound investment.

This investment will go towards increasing awareness and therefore increasing the power of our voice, helping you and your commune to fight on a local level and making sure that your voice is properly heard. Throughout this we will keep you informed.

So for the time being, IWAC and your region need you to do two things - complete the survey and become a member.

We can stop this but only together.

Click here to complete our online survey.......